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Tues 15 April

15 April 2014 - 1:56 pm UTC

Advertising on chairlift in Aspen.

AUDUSD 8 hour chart down leg commencing.

Waiting for SPX / DJIA / NASDAQ etc monthly charts to finish topping
process has been like watching paint dry but longs will be given a
brutal surprise as it rolls over.

Goldman Sachs: Why This Isn’t 2000 All Over Again.
Goldman Sachs is telling clients that the stock market is unlikely to
pull off a repeat of its antics in March 2000, when the tech bubble
peaked and a market crash ensued.

Thurs Jan 6

6 January 2011 - 4:09 am UTC

XAGUSD short 29.13 [closed 29.18]
After all that messy chop, USD short term trend reverts
to bullish.
USDSGD long 1.2948
USDDKK long 5.6902
XAGUSD short 29.13

EURUSD daily chart reverts to bearish (larger time frames remain
bearish of course) Opposite for USD.
USDDKK long 5.6902
XAGUSD short 29.13
USDCHF short 0.9632 [closed 0.9636]
NZDUSD long 0.7589 [closed 0.7588]
USDCHF short 0.9632
NZDUSD long 0.7589
USDCHF long 0.9681 [closed 0.9669]
USDDKK long 5.6861 [closed 5.6835]

Woops, just looked at XAUUSD / XAGUSD (gold and silver in USD)
and discovered that both daily charts gave bear signals yesterday.
XAUUSD last price 1,370

USDDKK long 5.6861
USDCHF long 0.9681
Short term USD outlook is now neutral and choppy. Medium and longer term remains bullish.
USDJPY long 83.09 [closed 83.12]
USDJPY short 83.01 [closed 83.07]
USDJPY short 83.01
Some equity strength and USD weakness is possible.
NZDUSD short 0.7757 [closed 0.7589]

DOW weekly chart shows possible rising wedge which is a bearish
pattern when confirmed. Key resistance is found around 10,750
(green line)

NZDUSD short 0.7757

Tues Sept 28

28 September 2010 - 4:57 pm UTC

DOW daily charts Mon Sept 27 inclusive showing rising wedge

Tues Aug 24

24 August 2010 - 9:53 pm UTC

SP500 daily chart Tues Aug 24 mid session indicates head and
shoulders bearish pattern is confirmed. Initial target is approx
1006 (green line)

Tues Aug 17

17 August 2010 - 10:51 pm UTC

DOW daily chart Tues 17 Aug mid session showing the breakout
from the bearish rising wedge.

As mentioned on twitter: XAUEUR and XAUAUD 240 min charts
give bearish signals.

Thurs Aug 12

12 August 2010 - 10:10 pm UTC

DOW weekly chart very bearish megaphone wedge continues.
SP500 weekly chart very bearish megaphone wedge continues.

Wed Aug 4

4 August 2010 - 11:25 pm UTC

As mentioned on
EURUSD gives intra day bearish warning – daily and weekly
remain bullish.
XAUEUR and XAUUSD intra day chart gives bullish signal.

Fri July 30

30 July 2010 - 1:08 am UTC

DOW daily chart showing two megaphone wedges . . .
More text later when I get time.

Thurs July 1st

1 July 2010 - 3:24 pm UTC

DOW weekly chart Wed June 30 inclusive: showing the head and
shoulders forming within the megaphone top pattern mentioned
numerous times now. At this stage the target for this leg down
remains in the green area and will be updated as this very bearish
pattern matures. As mentioned repeatedly since last year, the
March 2009 lows will not hold.

Sat May 22

23 May 2010 - 11:47 pm UTC

On May 4th on my blog, I suggested the March 2009 bear market rally had ended.

DOW daily chart shows the ongoing technical damage from it’s broadening top (a very bearish pattern)

Importantly, the broadening top on the DOW weekly chart is nearing completion and I expect it to behave similar to the one on the daily chart. Since this broadening top is based on a weekly chart, it is more serious and will do more damage than the smaller one we had recently.

As mentioned before, the overextended rally from March 2009 had become increasingly unstable and the explosive move on the daily chart was the result. Unfortunately this instability and overextension also applies to larger time frames – hence my bearish views for some time now.

Global equity charts now indicate the major downtrend that commenced in early 2008 can now resume.

As stated earlier, key support around 10,000 will be breached and the target for this down leg around 8,150 will not hold either.

Long term charts of key equity indexes continue to give bearish warnings and the March 2009 lows will be breached according to my analysis. This week I will post a DOW monthly chart that I’ve been sitting on for years. Unfortunately it is extremely bearish.

COPPER/CRUDE OIL/AUDUSD daily charts remain bearish and weekly charts are bearish to neutral.

USD bullish warnings since 2009 on weekly and monthly charts have not changed so further USD strength and thus Euro and Aussie weakness is expected.