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Tues 27 Aug

27 August 2013 - 8:47 am UTC

SPX / DOW / NASDAQ Daily / Weekly / Monthly Charts Continue
To Break Down.

CRUDE OIL short squeeze confirmed…

Warning – Geopolitical events cause buy pressure & conflict with
CRUDE OIL down leg.

REMINDER: DXY weekly & monthly chart bullish warning continues
@ despite rate suppression – USD RALLY awaits.

SPX choppy downtrend on daily chart continues.

SPX / DJIA / NASDAQ daily/weekly/monthly topping process
from extreme levels guarantees Wile E Coyote collapse – and
it’s getting close.


Thurs 15 Aug

15 August 2013 - 11:53 am UTC


SPX choppy H&S on daily chart commences [ie bearish]

Mon Feb 20

20 February 2012 - 1:19 am UTC

SP500 weekly chart as of Fri Feb 17

Despite mixed signals, FX markets today suggest stock bearish.

Bearish influence from overextended SP500/DOW/NASDAQ remains.

Gold and Silver not participating in bounce today…

Greek hopium stockbulls battle it out with overextended SP500/DOW/NASDAQ.

Additional Greek hopium results in USDX weekly chart giving bearish warnings
again. Naturally this will be market significant for stocks etc and aggressive
short covering spikes may result – maybe up through 1370 ?

NZDUSD diamond pattern from last week confirmed and now morphs into
megaphone wedge.

USDJPY overbought intra day gives bearish warning.

Euro hopium factor aside, SP500 1,363 should be the top.
Europe/Greece remains an unknown variable.

CADJPY short 80.054
EURUSD long 1.3230 [c 1.3261]
USDJPY short 79.501 [c 79.550]
GBPAUD long 1.4743 [c 1.4745]
EURAUD long 1.2258

Sun March 6

6 March 2011 - 7:11 pm UTC

EURUSD weekly chart shows price converging towards resistance
directly above, in addition to the long term resistance of the
downward sloping trendline. It’s coiling up for a good move and
will break out of this congestion area.

Tues Feb 22

22 February 2011 - 11:38 am UTC

The overdue Wile E. Coyote equity correction gets even closer.

12,400 should be the DOW top – let’s see if i’m right.
Last price 12,271

USDCZK long 17.923

Key global equity indexes remain very overextended and as a result
the overdue correction may be sudden.

A reminder that S&P500 monthly chart volume has been declining
steadily since the March 2009 rally started. Declining volume during
an uptrend or downtrend can signal trend weakness.

USD buying support / EURUSD selling pressure returns. Thus we return
to the recurring pattern as the dollar continues to wind up for a rally.

Wed Jan 19

18 January 2011 - 10:19 pm UTC

EURCAD long 1.3344 [closed 1.3409]
GBPUSD short 1.5995
EURCAD and EURUSD are bullish atm, but overextended and
overbought DOW/SP500 etc. isn’t – so i’m avoiding EURO.
EURCAD long 1.3344
GBPUSD short 1.5978 [closed 1.6018]
FTSE and DAX daily charts are still giving bearish warnings which is
affecting bullish Euro. Key indexes and Euro / Dollar are not in sync
EURCAD long 1.3356 [closed 1.3348]
DOW/SP500 and Euro are still out of sync.
EURCAD long 1.3326 [closed 1.3351]
CHFDKK short 5.782 [closed 5.771]
EURCAD long 1.3326
EURUSD long 1.3403 [closed 1.3451]
EURCAD wants to rally too.
EURUSD possible target for impending rally is 1.3960

S&P500 monthly chart reveals a pattern of expanding wedges… aka broadening formations.

EURUSD long 1.3403 – Euro buying support returns …
CHFDKK short 5.782
GBPJPY long 131.888 [closed 131.881]
XAGUSD short 28.843 [closed 28.924]

Tues Jan 18

18 January 2011 - 2:23 pm UTC

XAGUSD short 28.843
XAGUSD short 28.895 [closed 28.918]
EURUSD daily chart was bullish but due to ongoing USD strength,
Euro weakens yet again…

Dollar strength keeps returning since larger time frames are
bullish – warning of a significant dollar rally.

EURUSD long 1.3387 [closed 1.3436]
DOW/SP500 and Euro are out of sync again and it’s pulling Euro back
so more choppy mixed signals…

GBPJPY long 131.49 [closed 131.93]
EURUSD long 1.3390 [closed 1.3385]
Due to likely USD weakness – looks like more upside for DOW/SP500
before we get the very overdue correction.
EURUSD long 1.3390
EURUSD long 1.3398 [closed 1.3394]
More Euro rally looks probable: EURUSD buying support continues
and choppy daily chart is bullish. Weekly chart is neutral and
monthly chart is bearish. Opposite for USD.
GBPJPY long 131.49

AAPL weekly chart shows that a correction is overdue.
Scroll down page for monthly chart as of January 13.

Thurs Jan 6

6 January 2011 - 4:09 am UTC

XAGUSD short 29.13 [closed 29.18]
After all that messy chop, USD short term trend reverts
to bullish.
USDSGD long 1.2948
USDDKK long 5.6902
XAGUSD short 29.13

EURUSD daily chart reverts to bearish (larger time frames remain
bearish of course) Opposite for USD.
USDDKK long 5.6902
XAGUSD short 29.13
USDCHF short 0.9632 [closed 0.9636]
NZDUSD long 0.7589 [closed 0.7588]
USDCHF short 0.9632
NZDUSD long 0.7589
USDCHF long 0.9681 [closed 0.9669]
USDDKK long 5.6861 [closed 5.6835]

Woops, just looked at XAUUSD / XAGUSD (gold and silver in USD)
and discovered that both daily charts gave bear signals yesterday.
XAUUSD last price 1,370

USDDKK long 5.6861
USDCHF long 0.9681
Short term USD outlook is now neutral and choppy. Medium and longer term remains bullish.
USDJPY long 83.09 [closed 83.12]
USDJPY short 83.01 [closed 83.07]
USDJPY short 83.01
Some equity strength and USD weakness is possible.
NZDUSD short 0.7757 [closed 0.7589]

DOW weekly chart shows possible rising wedge which is a bearish
pattern when confirmed. Key resistance is found around 10,750
(green line)

NZDUSD short 0.7757

Fri Dec 31

31 December 2010 - 2:09 pm UTC

AUDEUR short 0.7678
AUDNZD short 1.3401

Sat Nov 6

6 November 2010 - 7:04 pm UTC

S&P500 Index upside target @ 1224 has been met – let’s see if this level marks the end of the upleg.

SP500 Financial Index weekly chart Fri 5 Nov inclusive shows
volatile and indecisive price action on this important index.

EURUSD short 1.4258