Market Outlook Using Technical Analysis.

This blog is pretty basic – the analysis however is not.
It represents many years of intense work refining my accurate

I’m an independent futures and FX trader – The proprietary indicators I use in my technical analysis can identify trend changes before they occur – In early 2007 I warned of an impending stockmarket crash – I confirmed an equity bottom by early April 2009 – During 2009 I warned of an impending USD rally – The uptrend since March 2009 was a bear market rally contained within a much larger downtrend that started in 2000 – According to my indicators the March 2009 lows will not hold.

On May 4 2010, I called the end of the March 2009 bear market rally.

I read all comments but they are not published.

All information and charts are for illustration and educational purposes only and should not be considered as advice or an endorsement to purchase or sell any security or financial instrument. I do not and cannot give investment advice.

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