Sun 10 March


After further chart and indicator analysis I see that overextended
DXY still requires retracement from current overextended level
[before it commences substantial rally this year]

If sequester and/or EURUSD news is positive, equity shorts could be
burned again with the covering resulting in yet more SPX meltup.
[followed by the inevitable Wile E Coyote collapse]

In summary, global indices and DXY are both very overextended and
seems the sequester outcome will determine the next short term

So either overextended global indices will spike up further or
overextended DXY will spike up further.

Longer term nothing has changed ~ SPX etc monthly charts continue
to give bearish warning and DXY monthly chart continues to give
bullish warning. The 2013 onwards Wile E Coyote equity collapse will
be brutal.


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