Wed 7 Nov

Look Out Below ~ SPX daily chart H+S pattern looks confirmed.

Yep, COPPER tells the real story as the Wile E. Coyote sell off
gets going. Bearish SPX daily chart dominates all else once again
including overextended USDX daily chart.

DOW futures 8 hour chart shows prolly bearish megaphone wedge.

Yep, stockbears further jeopardise SPX rally.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Euro stockbears jeopardise SPX rally &
USD pullback.

SPX buying & USD retracement gains momentum as Obama outcome
becomes official.

SPX bearish daily & USD overextended daily chart continue to be in
conflict. EURUSD daily remains bearish to neutral. But COPPER bearish
daily & weekly chart tells the real story.

USD retracement gains momentum so stock bullish.

More market dislocation ~ SPX selling from late Tuesday has continued
into today but USD has retraced further as well.


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