Tues March 20

Originally posted Feb 16, 2011 and big picture outlook remains unchanged.
“When DOW / SP500 correction gathers momentum I expect :
UP ~ USD, various USDXXX currencies, VIX Index.
Base metals like COPPER etc, CRUDE OIL”


I still expect Gold & Silver to follow equities down once SP500
primary downtrend resumes.

Bullish USDJPY weekly & monthly chart dominates.

AUDJPY & CADJPY daily chart bearish warning confirmed.

Overextended S&P500 / DOW / NASDAQ uptrend degradation increases.
Risk of waterfall sell off continues.

EURUSD daily chart gives bearish signal plus ongoing H&S pattern.
So USDX bullish.

Reminder ~ DAX daily chart shows megaphone wedge.

EURAUD & GBPAUD daily chart bullish warning confirmed.

AUDJPY & AUDUSD daily chart bearish warning.


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