Tues Feb 21

SP500 etc still leads the pack with other markets following.
SP500 etc overextended daily and weekly charts will remain until
they retrace. Due to their protracted overextension this overdue
retracement may result in a waterfall sell off. This Wile E. Coyote
scenario has been delayed longer than expected but it will happen
eventually. Greek hopium, QE etc can delay but can never prevent.
USDX strength will return when equities sell off.

SP500/DOW/NASDAQ overextended charts still dominate – suggesting sell off
this week or next.

AUDCAD daily starting leg down.

Reminder – NZDUSD daily still shows megaphone (ie bearish)

SP500/DOW/NASDAQ overextended daily charts dominating again with risk
of waterfall sell off.

GBPAUD / EURAUD daily uptrend confirmed and further upside expected.

USDX intra reverts to bullish chop.

EURAUD bullish daily chart strengthens
EURCAD bullish daily continues
GBPAUD bullish daily continues
EURSGD bullish daily warning

AUDCAD short 1.0643
GBPAUD long 1.4783 [1.4785]
EURAUD short 1.2360 [c 1.2364]
EURAUD long 1.2258 [c 1.2362]
CADJPY short 80.054 [c 80.171]


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