Wed Feb 15

SP500/DOW continues to lead with other markets following. So once stock
sellers dominate, other market signals will be more reliable.

SP500/DOW overextended daily charts are still breaking down.

Gold / Silver choppy intra bias still bearish.

EURUSD intra bearish bias increases as stocks break down more.

SP500 continues to lead with other markets following.
Once equity selling momentum increases, USDX bullish reversal will strengthen.

USDX intra bullish warning returns as SP500 sellers return again.

Euro stock sell off results in rapid intra day USDX bullish reversal.

Vacillating Greece hopium vs pessimism market chop continues.
Gold / Silver fluctuating intra bias reverts to bearish.

Vacillating euro hopium vs pessimism continues.
Despite SP500 daily / weekly overextension, USDX bearish warning on weekly
chart returns and dollar weakness should support stocks / commodities / gold.
SP500/DOW ongoing daily and weekly overextension does ensure eventual
waterfall sell off which will result in USDX bullish reversal.
USDX bullish monthly and SP500 bearish monthly chart warning continues and
this will not change.

USDPLN long 3.2112
EURUSD short 1.3074 [c 1.3080]
XAUUSD short 1731.27
USDJPY short 78.503 [c 78.252]
XAUUSD short 1719.37 [c 1723.44]


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