Tues Jan 31

SP500 weekly chart Wile E. Coyote megaphone shows overextended price action
hanging in mid air. Megaphone patterns reflect an unstable market prone to large
swings in sentiment.

DAX weekly chart as of Jan 28 shows probable rising wedge. When confirmed,
it’s a bearish pattern.

SP500 daily chart rising wedge looks confirmed (ie bearish)

SP500/DOW/FTSE/DAX daily charts continue to break down and
USDX weekly and monthly bullish signals increase.

USDNOK long 5.8180
USDJPY long 76.328 [c 76.257]
EURSEK short 8.8977 [c 8.8909]
XAUUSD short 1735.12
GBPJPY short 121.651 [c 120.296]


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