Fri Jan 27

SP500 daily rising wedge (ie bearish) looks valid. Also see Wile E. Coyote
chart posted Jan 20. Bears back in control as overextended SP500 breaks
down further.

SP500 daily chart rising wedge looking probable atm which supports bearish

EURJPY AUDJPY GBPJPY CHFJPY downtrend continues and further downside

SP500 daily shows possible rising wedge.

USDX daily chart downtrend continues for now.

SP500 overextended daily chart dominance continues.

GBPJPY / AUDJPY leg down continues.

AUDEUR short 0.8083
EURSEK long 8.9012
CHFJPY short 83.688 [83.660]
AUDUSD short 1.0652 [c 1.0615]
GBPJPY short 121.651


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