Fri Jan 6

Reminder that SP500 monthly chart continues to give bearish warnings
and USDX monthly chart continues to give bullish warnings. This big
picture outlook will not change.

Once SP500 selling consensus strengthens, other markets will follow.

More USDX selling which supports stocks.
SP500 daily chart reverts to bearish after all the chop and spikes: bears
are back in control.
More USDX selling and more slop and chop.
Bullish USDX weekly chart influence strengthens.
More USDX selling and buying.
Euro Stock Bears increase selling pressure to ensure more conflictual chop.
Substantial USDX selling yet again – which supports stocks.

AUDUSD short 1.0229
USDCHF short 0.9556 cancel
AUDUSD short 1.0233 cancel
EURUSD short 1.2722 [1.2725]
GBPUSD short 1.5423 [c 1.5407]
USDPLN short 3.5088 [c 3.5098]
USDJPY long 77.115 [c 77.251]
USDPLN short 3.5154 [c 3.5136]
USDPLN short 3.5199 [c 3.5170]
USDJPY long 76.975 [c 77.171]


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