Tues Nov 8

This equity rally and serious overextension will eventually cause
another crash.

USD selling returns yet again which supports stocks.

After today’s spike, SP500 intra reverts to neutral/bearish.

EURAUD / GBPAUD bullish daily charts strengthen.

EURUSD: euro bulls dominate so far.

SP500 short cover rally still expected.

SP500 buy support returns yet again. Someone still wants
a xmas rally…

GBPAUD and EURAUD bullish signals strengthen.

SP500/DOW daily chart is extremely overextended again, thus ensuring
the inevitable correction should be substantial.

Despite ongoing EURUSD buy support the H/S on daily chart is still possible.

NZDUSD long 0.7981
XAUUSD short 1786.25 [c 1783.34]
USDCZK long 18.275 [c 18.234]
USDCHF short 0.8974 [c 0.8963]
USDCHF short 0.9018 [c 0.8976]
EURUSD long 1.3767 [c 1.3769]
EURAUD long 1.3291 [c 1.3293]
EURAUD short 1.3268 [c 1.3283]


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