Thurs Oct 20

USD buying keeps getting met with USD selling, suppressing it’s rally.

SP500 diamond pattern confirmed and despite previous mixed
signals, equity downtrend indicates it wants to resume.

USDPLD and USDSGD strengthen and more upside expected.

SP500 8hr chart is now bearish. USD 8hr is bullish/neutral.

SP500 diamond pattern looking confirmed.

SP500 1 hr chart with updated diamond formation.

SP500 8hr chart is bearish/neutral.

Reverts to USD buying pressure as stock sellers emerge.

USDPLD and USDSGD basing action.

USD selling returns again. Markets continue to vacillate and remain

NASDAQ daily chart with updated megaphone pattern.
This pattern indicates a big move awaits.

After further market chop reflecting current uncertainty re Europe,
SP500 480 min chart is bearish/neutral. Daily and weekly are
currently neutral/bearish. The bigger picture remains bearish.

USD bullish weekly chart chart has strengthened further.

Larger time frames tend to have more overall influence over
smaller time frames.

Gold and Silver daily charts continue to break down. Weekly
remains neutral.


SP500 4 hour chart shows probable diamond formation.

Bullish weekly USD chart indicates diamond formation should be

The fact that copper has not participated in recent rally suggests
outlook is not bullish.

Late stock sell off today confirms diamond formation is bearish.

USDSGD long 1.2728
USDSGD long 1.2700 [c 1.2727]
USDPLN long 3.1677 [c 3.2123]
GBPAUD short 1.5369 [c 1.5375]
USDCAD long 1.0172 [c 1.0164]
USDCAD short 1.0206 [c 1.0165]
GBPUSD short 1.5797 [c 1.5725]
GBPNZD long 1.9786 [c 1.9875]


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