Thurs Oct 13

SP500 / DOW weekly indicators now give mild bullish warning.
If confirmed, it suggests a significant equity rally this year which
will delay the inevitable crash again.

More USD selling expected.
EURUSD daily chart is getting close to being bullish.
AUDJPY daily chart is now bullish.
Equity buyers and dollar sellers are winning the battle.
Gold and Silver daily charts are now neutral/bullish. Weekly are
AUDUSD daily chart is now bullish.
GBPUSD shows more basing on daily chart.
Substantial dollar selling means SP500 pullback postponed.
SP500 8 hour chart shows possible H/S.
Substantial dollar selling means SP500 pullback postponed atm.
SP500 intra reverts to bearish chop.
More FX and equity dislocation and thus mixed signals.
EURUSD overextended intra chart bearish warning strengthens.
SP500/FTSE/DAX overextended intra day charts give further bearish
USD buyers return.
Significant USD selling detected.
USDCHF daily chart gives bearish warning.
SP500 overextended intra day reverts to fluctuating chop.
SP500 overextended intra day chart gives bearish warning. Daily chart
reverts to neutral.
SP500 etc intra day is now very overextended and retracement still

XAGUSD long 31.771
USDPLN short 3.1310
GBPAUD long 1.5512 [c 1.5490]
XAUUSD long 1660.51 [c 1662.74]
USDPLN short 3.1399 [c 3.1378]
GBPUSD long 1.5731 [c 1.5732]
GBPAUD long 1.5516 [c 1.5538]
SP500 emini short 1191 [c 1187.50]
EURUSD short 1.3719 [c 1.3716]
SP500 emini short 1196.50 [c 1194.25]
EURUSD short 1.3786 [c 1.3729]
USDPLN short 3.1039 cancel
USDCHF short 0.8942 [c 0.8955]
EURUSD short 1.3780 [c 1.3785]


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