Tues Sept 13

USD daily chart remains bullish but is overbought and needs a

EURAUD daily chart is now bullish.

As mentioned, GOLD weekly chart is very overextended and significant
correction still expected. Daily chart is breaking down.

SP500 intra day chart fluctuates again. Daily is bearish. Weekly is

XAGUSD short 41.069
EURAUD long 1.3228
XAUUSD short 1816.00 [c 1818.23]
XAUUSD short 1825.60 [c 1825.80]
XAUUSD long 1815.02 [c 1827.16]
XAUUSD long 1812.62 [c 1816.28]
XAUUSD short 1818.72 [c 1812.50]
USDSGD long 1.2375 [c 1.2423]
EURCAD short 1.3539 [c 1.3548]
AUDJPY short 79.581 [c 79.274]
EURUSD long 1.3681 [c 1.3639]
SP500 emini short 1198.25 [c 1162.50]


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