Wed Sept 7

I suggest 11,400 index today was the top – will find out tomorrow
if i’m right or wrong. Last DOW index 11,385

SP500 intra day chart continues to fluctuate. Daily chart is neutral.
Weekly is bearish.

GOLD weekly chart is now very overextended and significant correction
still expected.

SP500 intra day chart still bullish and counter trend rally continues.
Daily chart is now neutral. Weekly is bearish.

AUDGBP short 0.6657
EURUSD long 1.4055 [c 1.4047]
AUDGBP short 0.6635 [c 0.6640]
EURUSD short 1.4025 [c 1.4034]
AUDUSD long 1.0615 cancel
AUDUSD short 1.0613 [c 1.0615]
XAGUSD short 41.370 [c 41.115]
GBPUSD short 1.5966 [c 1.5971]
EURUSD long 1.4069 [c 1.4057]
EURUSD long 1.4067 [c 1.4067]
NZDUSD long 0.8250 [0.8267]
USDJPY short 77.657 [c 77.402]


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