Fri Aug 26

Substantial USD sell pressure and EURUSD buy support detected
maybe in anticipation of ECB tomorrow ? This recurring dollar
selling should be bullish for stocks. SP500 index last 11,209

AUDCAD short 1.0407

AUDUSD short 1.0583 [c 1.0586]

AUDJPY daily chart gives bullish warning.

USDJPY long 76.646 [c 76.620]

USDJPY short 76.941  [c 76.601]

As mentioned, the equity big picture remains bearish and this
will ALWAYS exert the most influence.

Equity selling pressure increases.

AUDJPY short 80.395 cancelled

USDJPY ‘uptrend on daily chart’  looks umm… cancelled

GOLD and SILVER intra day revert to bullish.

No short term market consensus atm. Bigger picture remains
bearish of course and this will ALWAYS exert the most influence.

EURJPY short 111.095 [c 110.512]

GOLD and SILVER intra day goes bearish/neutral.

More USD selling detected. FTSE buying support noted.

AUDUSD long 1.0496  [c 1.0486]

EURUSD long 1.4440 [c 1.4402]

GOLD and SILVER intra day bullish signal continues despite
neutral/bearish daily chart.

Europe/UK stocks are ignoring USD selling and no consensus yet
again. Choppy market dislocation.

XAUUSD long 1777.50 [c 1787.71]

EURUSD long 1.4434 [c 1.4433]

NZDUSD long 0.8317 [c 0.8322]

USD selling pressure continues which will support stocks and EURUSD

AUDUSD long 1.0487 [c 1.0488]

GBPUSD long 1.6319 [c 1.6313]

USD selling returns which should be equity bullish. Markets remain

GBPUSD long 1.6318 [c 1.6315]
XAUUSD long 1,767.74  [c 1778.90]
AUDUSD short 1.0441  [c 1.0480]


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