Thurs July 28

The substantial equity sell off is getting close.

XAUUSD short 1614.48 [c 1613.43]
AUDUSD short 1.1014
AUDUSD short 1.1015 [c 1.1019]
XAUUSD short 1612.76 [c 1612.02]
Gold and Silver bearish warning returns.
AUDUSD short 1.1020 [c 1.1017]
XAUUSD short 1608.89 [c 1606.33]

Key equity index daily and weekly chart bearish warnings strengthen.

My weekly and monthly indicators indicators continue to warn of
significant USD upside and opposite for EURUSD. Bring on the overdue
dollar rally…

Thanks to ao for useful link (btw your email addy bounces)

EURUSD short 1.4478 [c 1.4295]


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