Fri July 15

Gold [XAUUSD] daily chart above shows big move ahead.


Recurring substantial S&P500 buy support results in my
indicators now suggesting a significant equity rally is possible.
DOW cash index last 12,443

Gold and Silver bullish daily chart strengthens.

USDCAD short 0.9541 [c 0.9541]

XAGUSD long 38.650

XAGUSD long 38.252 [38.671]

[S&P500 buy support returns thus dragging up gold and silver]

USDCHF is now EXTREMELY oversold.
USDCHF long 0.8163 [c 0.8157]

Gold and Silver gives short warning. Daily is bullish but very
overbought, weekly is neutral.

XAGUSD short 38.170 [c 38.151]
USDSEK long 6.5116 [c 6.5215]
EURSEK long 9.2086 [c 9.2139]
XAGUSD short 38.626 [c 38.492]
USDCAD long 0.9590 [c 0.9593]
EURSEK long 9.2048 [c 9.1976]


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