Thurs July 14

US Dollar forecast shown in chart above.

USDCAD long 0.9590

EURSEK long 9.2048

I expect stock sell off to drag down precious metals.

Current fluctuating market chop indicates one thing. (see S&P500 chart at top of page for more info)

SP500 selling pressure strengthens despite recurring buy support.

XAGUSD short 38.872

EURUSD long 1.4214 [c 1.4228]

EURSEK long 9.1969 [c 9.1948]

XAGAUD long 36.051 [c 36.358]

EURUSD long 1.4209 [c 1.4216]

XAUEUR short 1114.63 [c 1114.99]

XAGAUD and XAGUSD basing (ie bullish) on daily chart continues.

XAGAUD long 35.531 [c 35.983]

FX short squeeze now finished as DOW/SP500 selling resumes ?

AUDUSD short 1.0740 [c 1.0743]
GBPUSD short 1.6142 [c 1.6141]
EURCAD long 1.3576 [c 1.3641]


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