Tues June 21

USDCAD long 0.9721

EURGBP short 0.8871

EURUSD long 1.4400 [c 1.4401]

EURAUD long 1.3586

EURO buy support / USD selling.

EURUSD long 1.4377 [c 1.4391]

EURGBP short 0.8866 [c 0.8863]

USDCZK long 16.8313 [c 16.8471]

EURO / USD neutral undecided.

DOW/SP500 choppy basing mentioned since last week has now
morphed into a tentative bottom so more upside is possible.
Doesn’t change overall bearish outlook though. Futs last 12,061

EURGBP long 0.8861 [c 0.8866]

EURO buy support / USD sell pressure returns.

EURAUD protracted choppy basing is now bullish.

EURUSD and USD reverts to neutral as daily/weekly charts exert
their influence once again. As mentioned, when USD rally does
gain momentum it’s likely to be a rapid and substantial move.


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