Fri May 27

More USD selling pressure detected..

USDCAD short 0.9766

NZDAUD short 0.7635

XAUAUD long 1434.13 [close 1434.06]

The potential short term equity rally once again looking uncertain.
When DOW/SP500 downtrend does resume – market consensus
should be clearer. Futs last 12,401

USDJPY long 81.034 [81.100]

Equity selling pressure has now strengthened – this unstable market
is getting close to it’s overdue correction. Futs last 12,396

USDJPY long 81.035 [close 81.005]

GBPUSD short 1.6417 [1.6431]

More USD selling pressure detected which of course is bullish for
stocks, AUDUSD, EURUSD etc. When this recurring USD selling
does cease – the market reaction will be immense.

XAUUSD, XAGUSD, EURUSD daily resumes choppy sideways action
– tracking recurring SP500/DOW buy support and USD sell pressure.
The equity rally possibility mentioned earlier and then cancelled has
now returned. So (short covering imo) equity rally is likely.This does
not change overall bearish outlook. Futs last price 12,426

USDJPY short 81.421 [close 81.015]
XAUAUD short 1452.35 [close 1428.70]


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