Thurs April 28

NZDUSD short 0.8024

When the recurring DOW/S&P500 buying support decreases, FX
signals will become more reliable.

AUDUSD long 1.0911 [closed 1.0920]

NZDUSD short 0.8015 (looks like we have a top this time) [closed 0.8017]

USDJPY long 81.657 [closed 81.679]

AUDJPY short 89.043 [closed 88.824]

‘COPPER has ignored the recent equity bounce. Daily and weekly
are not bullish’ ~ March 31, 2011. The weekly chart of the ultimate
leading indicator has been tracking sideways throughout 2011.
This is not bullish and indicative of what lies ahead.

USDJPY choppy basing that’s been occurring for months continues
and more upside ahead once DOW/S&P500 buying support is
overpowered by selling pressure.


EURUSD weekly chart showing current channel scenario. EURUSD
is now very overextended. Strong resistance is located around 1.50

EURJPY short 121.570

NZDUSD short 0.8036 [closed 0.8028]
USDJPY long 82.250 [closed 82.114]

XAGUSD (silver in USD) weekly chart shows multi year broadening
formation (aka megaphone) and subsequent break out. It’s now
extremely overbought and the reversal could be spectacular.


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