Thurs April 21

Recurring USD strength and EURUSD/DOW/S&P500 weakness
returns yet again. I will get my dollar rally I promise.

EURUSD short 1.4618

EURSGD long 1.8020 [closed 1.8072]

DOW weekly chart broadening formation and choppy sideways price
action reveals an unstable market lacking in consensus and vulnerable
to sudden directional changes.

EURSGD long 1.8020

And looks like current upside wants to continue for now.

Clearly those very choppy mixed signals yesterday turned out to be
bullish after all. This recurring DOW/SP500 buying support and USD
suppression can not last forever though and when it is eventually
overpowered by selling pressure the result may be another waterfall

EURUSD short 1.4508 [closed 1.4535]


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