Fri March 4 (a)

Key global equity indexes have been overextended and overbought
for too long – similar to what occurred during 2007/2008 and the
inevitable result was the 2008 waterfall crash.

The same pattern has repeated – the market has been stretched
and stretched and stretched a bit more and prevented from
attaining the natural equilibrium it desires.

Just like a bungee cord will always release it’s elastic potential
energy, so too will the market as it moves to a position of natural

Unfortunately though, the market bungee cord is now extremely
overstretched and so when it’s released the reaction can be severe.

[I haven’t seen any ‘bungee cord’ references to describe the current
overextended market conditions – please let me know if you see any]

Friday, 4 March 2011 – 07:03 GMT


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