Thurs Dec 2

EURUSD long 1.3175 [closed 1.3229]
EURUSD 240 min chart has gone bullish so more upside is possible
but the bearish weekly chart will continue to influence smaller time
frames. Opposite applies for USD.
EURUSD long 1.3175
DAX short 6862 [closed 6873]
USDDKK long 5.6652 [closed 5.7003]

DOW monthly chart above shows a probable megaphone wedge. This
pattern warns of an unstable market that lacks consensus as the
buyers and sellers fight it out.
DAX short 6862
Very choppy but bearish EURUSD weekly chart continues to influence.
USDDKK long 5.6652
More directionless chop …
GBPAUD long 1.6179 [closed1.6158]
USDDKK long 5.6807 [closed 5.6826]
USDDKK long 5.6807
FX chop continues.
GBPAUD long 1.6179
USDDKK long 5.6811 [closed 5.6793]
USDCHF long 1.0031 [closed 1.0032]
GBPAUD long 1.6148 [closed 1.6150]
EURUSD long 1.3137 [closed 1.3131]


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