Tues Oct 19

Today marks an important turning point for global markets and the
USD strength I warned about has arrived.
After weeks of overbought warnings, the XAUUSD daily chart has
gone bearish, suggesting an important top has occurred from it’s
parabolic run. More later when I get time.
After weeks of extreme overbought warnings, it seems the very
overextended DOW/SP500/EURUSD has begun it’s overdue
retracement. The only unknown variable is the ongoing risk of a
major news announcement altering the chart action like what
occurred in 2008.

DOW daily chart Tues Oct 19 mid session gives bearish warnings.
EURUSD 240 min chart confirms short signal and DOW/SP500
240 min chart gives further bearish warning.
EURUSD 240 min bearish signals strengthen and opposite for USD.
When I get confirmation i’ll be adding to my USD bullish postions.

USDHUF long 196.03
EURUSD short 1.3903


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