Thurs Sept 9

FTSE weekly chart Thurs Sept 9 shows megaphone wedge and
possible bearish rising wedge.

A reminder that due to current market conditions, I only do very
short term trades atm and usually post them on twitter.

As mentioned before, various currencies and equity indices continue
to give divergent and conflicting signals and this will only be resolved
when the DOW/SP500 etc primary downtrend resumes. The markets
are so disjointed at present because equity index/FX long term trends
are undergoing a major transition (like the global economy) and this
will be increasingly bearish for equities in my opinion.

When the recurring DOW/SP500 buying support ceases and the
downtrend does resume, I expect more USDX strength and EURUSD,
AUDUSD,COPPER etc weakness. FX trends should also become
more directional.


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